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We’re excited to finally release our podcast. These episodes allow us to go deeper on topics than we typically have time for on social media. You can subscribe on any of the major podcast platforms, leave reviews, and comment on the individual episode posts below. 

We go deep into SEO related topics and specifically how they are best handled for photography sites. We’re also interested in other marketing channels: Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram/Facebook, CPC, and more. Our goal is to provide accurate information based on our extensive experience with marketing in the photography field. 

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Previous Episodes

Episode 21 – Kadence WordPress Theme Review

What is Kadence WP? Theme (free + premium) Blocks (free + premium) Pro Plugins (fonts, WooCommerce, Slider, Galleries, etc) Why do we like Kadence? -Fast performance in comparison to most WordPress themes. -WP customizer is used for the majority of theme settings and customizations. -Properly leverages WordPress -block editor first (google can easily render /

Episode 19 – Course Group Questions

Live Q+A with members of our SEO Course Group We have monthly Q+A calls with our SEO course members and decided to record this call for our podcast! We hope they’re helpful for you as well.  Course Member Questions: Question 1: Mike Glatzer – How to better optimize his “What to do when it Rains”

Episode 18 – Keyword Research

Keyword Research We share our thoughts on what types of keyword research are working and worth your time in 2021. So many people start off their SEO efforts with tedious keyword research that doesn’t always help their organic marketing efforts. Instead of getting frustrated with that process, we offer an alternative path. More Episodes

Episode 17 – Monetizing Your Photography Site

Who wants to make more money with their website in 2021? Sure, you want more bookings… but what about more passive income for the work you’re doing building up that website traffic? In our opinion, if you aren’t making at least $1,000 per month (besides your photography bookings) with your photography website… you’re missing out

Episode 16 – Diagnosing a Ranking Drop (or Algorithm Change)

How to properly diagnose a ranking change: Look at data – Don’t use third party ranking or visibility tools. Wait for Google Search Console data. Hypothesis – Look for trends on your site, competitors that have been affected, and changes to the search results. Use these to build a hypothesis on what changed and how

Episode 15 – Cornerstone Content

Discussion: What is Cornerstone Content? One of the key strategies to success in modern content marketing is the idea of Cornerstone Content. These are pages on your site that are the absolute pillars with which your rankings rest on. Cornerstone content is a topic full of grey area, misunderstanding, and confusion. We attempt to clarify

Episode 14 – We Chat Directories with Nick from Wandering Weddings

Interview: Nick Edmundson from Wandering Weddings Get 10% off of a new subscription at Wandering Weddings with code: FUEL We’re excited to sit down and chat with Nick Edmundson about his directory for elopement photographers and vendors. They’ve seen massive growth in the past year, due in large part to their SEO successes. We talk

Episode 13 – We Test Multiple Keyword Research Tools

Popular Keyword Research Tools Compared We wanted to talk about our favorite keyword research tools and why we chose them. We originally sat down to record this episode a few weeks ago, but quickly realized that we were making claims based on our own anecdotal evidence, and not on real data.  So, we scrapped the

Episode 12 – Ranking in Multiple Markets

In this episode we discuss the options, strategies, and downsides to trying to rank in multiple markets. We also talk about how to spot locations that you can target from afar.