Episode 35 – Interview with Steph Zakas

steph zakas
The SEO for Photographers Podcast
Episode 35 - Interview with Steph Zakas

Steph ranks #1 for “Iceland Elopement Photographer”, but her marketing and digital marketing is so much more than that! She’s a Master Coach, Sales Expert, Photographer, and Podcast Host.

Check out her free guide “25 Ways to Market Your Business As An Introvert, without relying on social media”

and more info about her Iceland Retreat

It’s a 2-month experience starting with a group coaching micromind on June 1st to shift your money confidence and ending in a 3-day Adventure Retreat in Iceland July 17-19. 

It’s a metamorphosis of shedding the layers holding you down, finding clarity on your next level, and becoming radically confident it will happen. The experience will transform the top 3 reasons blocking you from your next level: 

  • Deepening your self-confidence & what’s possible for you 
  • Shifting your relationship to money coming into your life
  • And elevating your brand, packages, and sales skills to convey the value to the dreamy aligned clients you want to work with.

The doors to join close May 31st and the ticket includes accommodation, food during the Retreat, VIP Excursion, Planning help & coaching from Steph, and a 5-week Group Coaching Micromind.

Steph’s Podcast: Alchemize Your Weird

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