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Empowering you to finally take charge of your SEO.

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Turn Your Website Into a Passive Marketing Machine

It is likely that hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of people are actively searching for the services that you offer every single month. SEO is about making sure that YOUR brand shows up in front of those searchers!

Get Relevant SEO Information for Photographers

There is an overwhelming amount of SEO info available, but very little is directly applicable to photographers. We’ve specialized in SEO for photography sites our entire careers. 

The course covers popular website platforms for photographers: WordPress, Squarespace, Showit, and more.

Modern SEO Concepts that are Vital for Marketing in 2020 and Beyond

We have found that when photographers are empowered with the right information, they can do far more on their own than they thought. Major results are possible when you leverage the right techniques.

When you know the factors that actually impact ranking, you can cut out so much wasted time & effort.

Less of this

Monotonous alt text

Blogging every session

“Keywords” & Tags

Counting every word

More of this

  • Crafting perfect titles
  • Creating valuable content
  • Building real authority
  • Increasing local relevance

Should I just hire somebody to do SEO?

Sure, SEO has some elements that are technical in nature. Once you learn about them, you may still decide that you want to hire someone to help you with those. If you do, you’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars by making a specific request to a qualified professional, instead of buying a vague “SEO package.”

If you are serious about the long term growth of your business, and you want to finally take control of your website and SEO, this course is a perfect place to start!

What's Included?

The most comprehensive SEO course ever made for photographers.

Video & Written Content

There are currently 30 lessons covering a variety of topics. Some lessons are in video format and some are written. We start by teaching you the fundamental concepts, but we also dig into platform specifics and unique tactics that you can put into action!

The library of content will continue to grow as we cover new topics and find new tactics that are proven to work for photographers! You’ll have access to this course content as long as it exists!



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Frequently Asked Questions

You will have access to the course content for as long as it exists online, and will have access to the course community for 365 days (1 year). 

Yes! I would encourage you to plan to watch some of the videos twice, and keep an open mind. A few topics can sometimes seem overwhelming at first if you aren’t familiar with the basics, but if you go through the entire course once, you’ll be shocked at how much “clicks” when you go through a second time. 

Another note: You aren’t going to find a course full of simple “tricks” that will magically make your site rank. That isn’t how SEO works. If you’re planning to learn where to put “tags” and “hide text on the back end”, you are probably approaching SEO the wrong way. We’ll teach you about important places to put keywords, but the main thing you need to learn is how to create a relevant and authoritative site that lets you rank for years to come!

If you really don’t want to LEARN SEO, but just want a few actionable tips, check out our ebook first. You can always upgrade to the course later!

Corey and Dylan are both SEO pros, and have both learned a ton just by putting this course together. There is always something new or interesting to learn. We try to give examples and ideas as much as possible, and we also include some specific tactics that we’ve had success with. 

The key here is not to search for a magic bullet, but to find a few tips that could have a major impact. 

Don’t forget that you’ll also have access to the live calls in the course community and can pick our brains there if you have more advanced questions!

We focus on the fundamentals of SEO that don’t change based on your platform, but we also have specific lessons for Squarespace, Showit, and WordPress. These lessons cover the basic settings that are going to be different with each platform. In any other lessons where it makes sense to split advice based on platform, we usually try to cover these 3 specifically. 

We are also very knowledgeable on the specifics of these 3 platforms and can answer other platform specific questions in the lesson comments or in the course community! 

This course isn’t magic. It won’t do anything for your rankings if you don’t take action on what you learn. 

If you pay attention and do the work, you will see results. If you don’t, you’ll know what to test and you can try again.

We help you stop wasting time on things that rarely work in today’s SEO landscape.

We help you avoid mistakes that are holding back SO many sites from ranking well. 

We help you focus and find topics that will bring you more traffic. 

If you take the time to learn and then implement what you learn, we are confident you will see results in the long run. 

Well, we would be sad. We hope to take all feedback and questions to help us continue to improve the course. But if you’re really unhappy with the course, just email us within 14 days to get a full refund (

We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send us an email at

What SEO Topics Do We Cover?

The course is organized into 9 main modules

Relevance & Intent

Understanding searcher intent, keyword research, cornerstone content.

We’ll teach you how to create content that solves your potential clients’ tasks and provides them with useful information. This is the key to ranking well into 2020.


Brand reputation and consistency, backlink theory & building.

We teach you, quite possibly, the most important pillar of SEO. How to be seen as an authority by Google. From backlink building tactics to leveraging reviews, our course gives you the tactics to stand out from the pack and get more organic traffic.


Mapping topics to pages, Indexation, navigation, internal links.

We show our best performing website layouts, that provide a great user experience and rank well in search engines. These site structure examples work in a variety of specialties and platforms.


Google My Business, other local specific factors, targeting a new location.

Our course will teach you the key factors to optimize in order to rank in local map results. These are very important as most photographer’s target terms include a “Map Pack” in the results page.


Titles & meta descriptions, image optimization, general on page optimization. 

We dive into the traditional on-page factors that most people associate with SEO. Factors like page titles, headings, and more. We keep this section simple and to the point, letting you know what is important and what can be disregarded when improving your pages’ rankings for 2020.


Types of blog post that perform well and what to do after publishing a post.

Most photographers are still using blogging strategies from 5+ years ago. These tactics are often unable to provide consistent and lasting results going forward. We show you our strategy for outranking the competition though crafting well-researched and high quality blog content.
(We’ll also tell you not to worry about blogging every week!)

Platform Specific

Specific SEO tips if you are on Showit, Squarspace, or WordPress

Each of these popular platforms has unique pros and cons. They also have slightly different approaches to solving common problems. We teach you the differences and show example settings in the admin panels for solving common issues.

Tracking & Analytics

Search Console, Google Analytics and keyword/position tracking. 

These tools are key for not only tracking your progress, but getting valuable data to improve your content. We’ll show you how to get each of these setup and how we use them to leverage data in our marketing decisions.

Hot Opportunities

What is working right now with SEO? Getting featured snippets, video SEO, etc.

These are our latest articles on specific techniques we’re getting results with, today. We show exactly what we’re testing and how you can do the same! 

Bonus Materials

Recordings from our Q&A calls and Live Trainings, Over 7 hours of “beta” course videos, and our “22 SEO Actions You Can Take Today” E-book ($99 value)!

two seo pros

We are Corey Potter + Dylan Howell

We both started our careers as wedding photographers and were intrigued by marketing ourselves using SEO tactics. For our own personal businesses, organic search allowed us to have active marketing campaigns around the clock. Bringing in hundreds of inquiries per year.

We've taught SEO to photographers in the past 5 years, speaking at workshops and conferences around the world. We understand that this topic can be extremely confusing and difficult to grasp. We've successfully taught hundreds of students who never thought they would "get SEO". It's one of the main reasons we're so enthusiastic about teaching this topic.

In addition to photography, we consult on larger commercial SEO projects, allowing us to push the limits of current techniques and strategies on a daily basis. Constantly learning the latest in SEO, pushing ourselves to find or create new tools, and improve our technical skills. Allowing us to pass the latest knowledge to you.

Join the FYP Education Community

Get access to our SEO Course, the Blogging Course, and the exclusive Facebook Group.

Course Community

We’ve created a Facebook group where you can interact with other people who are motivated to master their SEO. This is a great place to ask more in-depth questions and discuss higher level techniques mentioned in the course.

Monthly Live Q&A Calls

Each month, we’ll do a special live hangout in the course community. This is a great place to get more personalized feedback and ask specific questions that require us to look at your site or analytics. We can’t even tell you how many “ah-ha” moments have happened on these calls. 

illustration of an seo course for photographers by fuel your photos

SEO Services

We offer hourly SEO services exclusively to members of our community. We’ve found that photographers with a higher level understanding of SEO techniques get the best results from our services. We’re able to collaborate, us offering technical expertise where needed, while they are able to take over with less technical tasks.

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Course Launch Bonuses!

Join by October 18th and you’ll get THREE limited time bonuses! 

1. A 10-15 minute custom video review of your site

Corey or Dylan will do a quick review of your site to give you some insights on quick wins and exactly where you should start as you dig into the course!

2. Lifetime access to the course community

Our course community is a great place to ask questions and join our exclusive live calls each month. Normal access is 12 months, you’ll get it for life!

3. Free access to an upcoming secret project

Can’t give too many details, but it will be a “workshop style” course that will be an SEO related topic. Normal price will be around $200, you get it for free!

These bonuses are only available for the first 50 people to purchase! 

If you’re still seeing this message, just check out normally and you’ll get an email about the free site review within a week. Review will be completed by the end of November ’19.