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Find more clients & kick financial stress to the curb

SEO can fill your booking calendar and keep you off the marketing hamster wheel

"How are they getting all those leads?!"

(Hint: it’s not magic)

You’ve seen other photographers post about getting leads from Google or how they come home from vacation to an inbox full of new clients.

And you’ve thought “I want that.

But where do you start when you’re staring down an un-booked calendar…and a stack of bills?

You’re serious about growing your business. But what you’ve tried so far hasn’t sparked the growth you want.

“I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on ads 

with Google, FB, and IG, and no luck.

You create an insta story for everything you do and post daily to remind folks that you’re there.

You follow industry advice and spend 10, 20, 30 hours a week on social media…counting your followers…cheering on likes…perfectly curating your feed.

You hustle hardcore.

And it shows.

Your photos are awesome, your clients are happy, and you know you offer a great service. But no matter what caption you put on Instagram or how much money you gamble on Google ads, you’re just not getting the leads you need.

Worse, you have more anxiety (thanks social media), more time flushed down the drain (ugh), and no real leads to show for it (how?!).

You’ve heard SEO could help, but…where do you even start?

You’ve seen other photographers post about getting leads from Google or how they come home from vacation to an inbox full of new clients.

And you’ve thought “I want that.

But where do you start when you’re staring down an un-booked calendar…and a stack of bills?

You’re serious about growing your business. But what you’ve tried so far hasn’t sparked the growth you want.

“I never get a clear 

answer from anywhere…”

Most SEO advice out there is about as clear as mud…or as scammy as a used car lot.

The best starting point you could find was “Blog. A lot.”

So you do.

You post every client session, install things on your website, and follow the tips you read in those crazy long articles.

It feels like you’re “working on SEO” all the time, but you’re not even sure it IS working.

Because last time you checked, you’re still on page 20-something of Google. 

And the only thing coming through your contact form is spam.

How do those other photographers do it? 

This could be your break out year

Those photographers posting on Facebook? Those photographers aren’t more successful because they spend 10x money and time on marketing.

Or because they have a magic wand.

They’re successful because they know where to spend their time and money.

They’re successful because they focused on the long game of SEO strategy.

And you can do the same.

You can know:

  • which pieces of advice to follow and why
  • which blogging and SEO strategies actually work
  • what to blog about and how often to publish
  • what content brings in highly-qualified leads

You can play the long game too.

So a year from now, when you’re out taking photos, your inbox will be chiming with inquiries. And when you’re charging batteries, your site will be showing up on Google for competitive areas and search terms.

When you have those kinds of leads coming in month after month,  you won’t worry about bills or family finances anymore.

Because your calendar will be booked months (or even years) in advance.

How we get 100s of leads from Google every year

And a steady stream of clients each month.

Dylan Howell

Portland Photographer

Full-time SEO expert

Before Dylan was on the first page of search results for Portland photography, chatting with the top SEOs in the world, and getting likes from Google employees on Twitter…he built bicycle wheels. 

No, seriously.

Back in college, he was a Marketing major starting a bicycle wheel-building business. He was broke and needed a way to get in front of customers for free. So he turned to SEO and got his products seen by thousands of cyclists worldwide. Orders started rolling in without any ad spend.

Then he started another company. This time, it was a photography business. He applied what he knew about SEO there too, and it worked again. (His site gets over 4,500 clicks per month from Google.)

graph of dylan m howell's search traffic from google search console

From there, he started teaching other photographers and hosting workshops. He worked as the in-house SEO for a huge stock photography agency for a long time, solidifying his SEO expert status.

Then he met Corey. 

Corey Potter

Former wedding photographer

Full-time SEO expert

Corey started working with websites and SEO in high school. After a few years, just as he was about to start offering services to local businesses, he stumbled into wedding photography.

Using what he knew about SEO (and WordPress—back before it was big), Corey and his wife quickly grew the photography business to ~40 weddings per year. After adding 3 kids to the family, they decided to slow down and look for other options for work.

That’s when Corey established Fuel Your Photos, a FB group that has grown to over 16k members. He wanted a way to share reliable SEO and website advice to a market flooded with bad information. Plus, he just loves hanging out with other photographers.

He experimented with offering SEO services, but quickly realized photographers need more than a short-term service. They need to be empowered to take charge of their own SEO.

When Corey and Dylan started talking, they realized they were both working toward the same goals: teaching SEO and equipping photographers to grow their own businesses. So they joined forces. They’ve been helping photographers grow their businesses and find more clients ever since.  

So that’s us.

Together, we have 20 years of photography experience and a decade of real-world SEO experience. We’ve worked on hundreds of photography sites and taught SEO across the world. And we’re in all the big SEO communities (not just ones related to photography).

From experience, we know what’s likely to work in just about any market, specialty, and competition level.

But we’re not keeping this information to ourselves.

After 3+ years of continuous improvements, we’re literally teaching our playbook.

Fuel Your Business

Everything you need to learn SEO, book more leads, and fuel your business for years

Fuel Your Business is 2 courses and 1 community.

The courses are your SEO playbook. The community is your experienced support group.

Together, they give you everything you need to skip the guesswork and bring in more client work.

Two Approachable Courses


Why posting every week isn’t the answer

If you want to be on Google, you’re going to need some content. But not just any content. 

The blogging course is organized into 5 modules that guide you through:

Why blogging works

Shake off outdated ideas about what “blogging” means. Learn how the right posts can bring in inquiries for years.

How to plan content

Research, choose, and plan posts that clients want to read (and are actively searching for). When you plan well, writing is easy!

Building a great post

Uncover the nuts and bolts of a killer post—from outlining to formatting in a way that Google can easily understand. 

Nailing search

Figure out which SEO settings do (and don’t) matter for your posts.

Tracking your results

Know which analytics you should watch and what they can tell you for future posts.


  • How we find and execute ideas for the most difficult niches
  • Detailed examples so you’re not left guessing
  • Indispensable tools that will level-up your efforts
  • The exact content strategy template we use
  • The blog post template we use to create every single one of our posts


Build a system that fills up your calendar

You need eyes on your website. And preferably the kind attached to high-quality customers.

The SEO course is organized into 9 additional modules that guide you through:

Ranking in 2021

What it takes to identify keywords and find your clients in today’s world.

Becoming an authority

Understand how Google assesses your site, then prove you’re worth a higher ranking.

High-performance layouts

How to map topics to pages, manage what Google sees, and optimize your navigation.

Winning local results

Learn how to rank in local map results, target a new location, and maximize your Google My Business profile.

On-page factors

Which on-page tactics really matter. Optimize page titles, headings, and images.

Cornerstone content

Dig through real examples of cornerstone content and learn about the 60-day checkup you really should be doing.

Choosing a platform

Specific tips for Showit, Squarespace, and WordPress. Learn how to solve common problems for each.

De-mystifying analytics

Confidently interpret your data. Learn how to set up Search Console, Google analytics, and keyword tracking.

Cutting-edge techniques

The techniques working for Dylan and Corey TODAY.  Featured snippets, video SEO, and more.


  • The SEO hacks and myths you can 100% ignore
  • Over 7 hours of “beta” course videos
  • Additional recordings from Q&A calls and live trainings
  • 70+ factors we check by hand in the audit we offer clients
  • How we leverage data in our own marketing decisions
  • Example keyword research and organization
  • Detailed examples so you know what it all “looks like”
“One thing I’ve learnt already—I was doing it wrong all along.”
Aden Priest
Wedding Photographer, UK
“For the first time ever I can confidently say I know how this bride found us on Google. And a shameless plug to Dylan and Corey’s SEO course because that’s the real reason why we’re visible now.”
sean flanigan of a fist full of bolts
Sean Flanigan
Wedding Photographer, PNW
“I’m currently taking this course and it’s amazing!! I’ve finally, after a few years of trying to learn SEO on my own, been able to learn and understand how it works and what to do. If you’re serious about learning SEO and getting found on Google to book clients then I promise this course will do just that!!”
Mindy Vasselle

These are the most in-depth courses ever created for photographers

But “in-depth” doesn’t mean “over your head”

Each course starts with a roadmap so you know exactly where you’re going and why.

And sure, you’ll learn technical topics and systems along the way. After all, you didn’t sign up for sleazy hacks or tricks that may or may not work.

But technical doesn’t have to mean overwhelming.

We know you’re a photographer, not a computer scientist. And we aren’t like that genius professor you had in college who kept talking wayyyy over your head.

We teach each lesson in everyday language and only use an acronym if we define it. (No more alphabet soup.) We also provide loads of context like definitions, videos, links, and questions from other photographers.

Plus, with our growing community, you’re never really going at this alone.


Real-time answers and support from 300+ photographers

Our private Facebook group is only open to photographers taking these courses.


Meaning you get zero spam and plenty of:

  • detailed answers from Dylan and Corey (we don’t pay anyone to manage questions for us)
  • advice from photographers who have been there before
  • real-time updates on big SEO changes
  • new connections with other driven students
  • insight into what is (and isn’t) working for course takers
  • live Q&A sessions every month
  • 1:1 help for your hardest questions  
  • motivation and accountability to keep at the lessons

To sum it all up, you get...

  • 18 must-know modules
  • 57 easy-to-follow lessons
  • 10+ hours of recorded calls and bonus video
  • 9 hours of video instruction
  • 22+ get-started assignments
  • live monthly Q&A chats
  • 3 “how we do it” templates
  • access to 300+ course takers
  • lifetime access to everything

Join Fuel Your Business today

Forever access to all lessons, videos, templates, and the community.

No renewal charges. No recurring memberships. No fees in the fine print.

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Total of $1107.

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"I've already started booking weddings for next year thanks to my venue pages. It's been awesome to see real results from these strategies. It works people!"
“I got my first 2 inquiries from google ever this week! I’m so stoked about it. I credit the course 100%.”

The Fuel Your Business Guarantee

If you put in the work, you will see results. Simply purchasing the courses won’t work magic on your site. You’ll need to watch the videos and apply what you learn. But if you put in the work, you will start seeing results. Our best students repeatedly do. 


We care more about seeing you succeed than taking your money. If you join and realize these courses aren’t for you, email us at info@radrank.com within 14 days of purchase and we’ll refund your money—all of it. 

Frequently asked questions...

How long do I have access to the courses and community?

Forever. When you sign up, you get access to all the current material AND anything we add in the future. No extra fees, no expiration date, no recurring memberships.

I know nothing about SEO or blogging. Is this right for me?

Yes! You’ll want to watch some of the videos twice, but you’ll be shocked at how much “clicks” as you go through it all. We’ve taught hundreds of students who never thought they’d “get SEO.”

What if I get stuck? Will you (Corey and Dylan) be around to help?

Absolutely. You can post questions in the course, share them in the Facebook community, or hop on the monthly live calls. We’re on standby to help you out and provide quick, detailed answers.

I know a decent amount about SEO and already get leads through Google. Will I learn anything new in these courses?

Yes. We go way beyond tips and tactics. Even if you’ve worked with SEO for years and already rank well for certain keywords, the course will teach you how to rank for new services or geographical areas you expand to.

How much time will the course take?

To see results, you’ll need to spend time going through and applying each lesson. We recommend 5 hours a week or more.

But keep in mind you don’t have to go through it all in one sitting…or even one week. The courses are self-paced so you can work on them late at night, before the kids get up, on your lunch break, or wherever you can fit them in.

What are the odds of ranking on page 1 of Google?

We don’t guarantee you’ll end up on page 1 of Google, but we can say many of our students do.

What if I’m not on WordPress?

The fundamentals we teach apply to every platform. But we do have specific lessons for Squarespace, Showit, and WordPress. We talk about the basic settings that differ between these three and are well-equipped to answer any questions about them.

What stops someone in my area from getting the same or better results with this?

There’s a crazy amount of opportunity in every market. Our courses teach you how to choose and win the opportunities that are right for you. Plus, the sooner you start applying the lessons, the more likely you are to earn the first-mover advantage. People who rank earlier often have a strong hold on their position.

Should I just hire someone to do SEO? Why learn it myself?

Learning SEO is an investment in your business. Think of it as giving your future self a major leg up. Plus, even if if you decide you want to hire someone after learning it all yourself, you’ll have two advantages after taking the course:

(1) You’ll be able to hire an expert because you can spot a fake a mile away.

(2) You’ll be able to make specific requests instead of buying vague, expensive “SEO packages.” This will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

What if I’m unhappy with my purchase?

If you sign up and realize the courses aren’t for you, email info@radrank.com within 14 days of your purchase for a complete refund.

What if I still have questions?

Email us at info@radrank.com! We’d love to talk with you about whether this is a good fit for your business.