It's the SEO course everyone has been asking for...

Fuel Your Photos started in 2015 as a way to bring more accurate and reliable SEO information to the photography industry. One of the most popular requests since starting the Facebook group has been for an in depth SEO course for photographers. 

Over the years I’ve put out a ton of content, and even started creating a course on multiple occasions. However, one thing or another would always get in the way before completing the course.

Today, I’m announcing the first available version of the Fuel Your Photos SEO Course. 

Instead of putting this off any longer, I’m going to open the doors to a special edition of what will become the flagship course for Fuel Your Photos. 

You see, when many people set out to make and sell courses, they’ll do a launch without even starting the content. Then they’ll finish it over the following weeks and release one unit at a time. 

I knew this wasn’t going to work for me. I’ve had a track record of starting things and not finishing them because I needed to pivot after I got started. So I came up with a better plan…

I’m launching a FOUNDERS EDITION of my course to a small group of 100 people. 

The idea of the “founders edition” is that it will have a TON of great content, as soon as you purchase. In fact, my goal was to create significantly more value than the price I’ll be asking the founders to pay. You don’t have to wait for me to release modules, they are ready RIGHT NOW, as soon as you get in. 

That being said, these modules are the rough drafts of the final edition. Some of them are a bit unpolished (more like a live training than a perfected course), some of them still need more examples and illustrations added. The final course platform isn’t quite ready yet (the founders group will start off primarily in an exclusive Facebook Group).

But this is where the “Founders” come in. 

 I’m going to be using this course launch as a “kickstarter” to fund the rest of the course creation. I currently have quite a bit of client work to finish, and to keep cashflow going, I still need to take new clients each month. This leaves me with very little time to create a world class SEO course. 

I also need a few items to increase the production quality, like a new microphone and lighting for videos where I’m presenting on camera.

The proceeds from the founders will make it possible for me to take very limited new clients for 60-90 days, purchase the equipment that I need for recording, and spend at least 50% of my working time perfecting the course for official release in January. 

During the next 60-90 days, the Founders will have direct access to me in a small Facebook group where I’ll be around to answer every question. I’ll be answering these questions and helping people get “un-stuck” so that I can get screenshots and examples for the course. I’ll find out what pieces are still missing, what is still confusing, and what people want more of. I won’t be guessing because this will come from real feedback from the Founders.

When the course launches in January, the price will be between $300-600 (still undecided).

Honestly, I should be charging twice that much to the Founders, because not only will they have direct access to me in a small group environment, but they’ll also get lifetime access to updates of the course.

Instead, I want to make sure that we get 100 people in the group so that I can get feedback from a wider variety of sources, so I’m going to set the price at $150 for the first week this is available.

After the first week, if there are still any spots left, the pricing will go up $50/week until all of the spots are sold out.

What exactly is included in this version of the course?

The current course is made up of 3 important parts.

  1. The Facebook Group. For the first few weeks, and for up to 60 days, the main content will be hosted as units in an exclusive Facebook Group. This will encourage discussion, and let me add new resources and notes all in one place. I’ll also be doing live videos, answering every questions that comes through the group, and throwing in any other bonuses I come up with. You get to be behind the scenes as we build the perfect SEO course together.
  2. The Reference Library. I’ve created a custom audit for my clients over the years, and it currently includes 74 things that we check by hand on every website. It is meant to be a comprehensive list of the most important things that can go wrong and need to be fixed to have better SEO. The reference library covers every single one of those items, what they mean, and in some cases, how to fix them. This is currently 84 videos making up just under 6 hours of watch time (most videos are 3-5 minutes, and some are a bit longer). You won’t need to watch every single video, but if you want to be an SEO expert, these videos could get you pretty close.
  3. The COURSE Videos. The current course is made up of 20 modules or units. Each one is a video and most of the videos are 15-30 minutes long. In total, these 20 videos make up just over 6 hours of content.

Here is a list of the 20 Course Videos available NOW.

SSL – why it matters and a checklist for what to do after migration

Quick Google Setup – Just do this for now…

Quick snapshot – check these things and make notes

Spotting problems with indexation (Site: search)

Keyword research the right way

Competitive analysis

Keyword research the easy way

Topics vs Keywords (understanding intent)

Crawling your site

Site structure and cornerstone content

Writing titles and meta descriptions for main pages

Basics of on page optimization

WordPress performance optimization basics

Image optimization (speed)

Image optimization (naming)

Blogging best practices


Brand reputation and consistency

Local considerations

Tracking your progress

A Word of Warning...

These videos are NOT perfect. They aren’t 100% complete. I don’t have the “step by step” instructions with screenshots ready at this time.

All of that is coming, that is why I’m launching this special edition. To help make that possible. You’ll get access to all of that as soon as it is ready.

This course won’t solve all of your SEO problems. There is no magic fairy dust. BUT, if you’re willing to learn, this course will start you in the right direction and give you the right questions to ask. You’ll have a much better understanding of what SEO is really all about, what makes the biggest difference, and how to use all of the information you’re learning.

Other than that, as a Founder you get to decide what comes next.

Want spreadsheets with keywords? No prob. I can make those.

Want screenshots for Squarespace, WordPress and Showit? We can make that happen.

Want a roadmap of exactly which steps to start with even if you have no idea where to start? Join and ask me in the group and I’ll tell you where to start, but then I’ll also work on the roadmap.

Don’t spend your last dollar on this course. I’m making it super affordable so that you can get a ton of value. I’m also not offering refunds. Your purchase is going to help fund version 1.0, so if you’re going to be a Founder I need you to believe in the mission. Otherwise you can wait for the full priced course, which will have a traditional money back promise.

A Sample Course Video

This is one of the lessons about Keywords vs. Topics and understanding searcher intent. 


9-14-18 – Launch the Founders Edition Course

9-21-18 – Price increases $50

9-28-18 – Price increases $50

10-5-18 – Course closes even if spots remain. 

Sometime between November 30th and December 30th – have the final course re-recorded. 

January 15th: Full Course Launch


Current clients: You will get access to the audit videos in your dashboard as soon as I can get them uploaded.

When the full course launches, you will either receive limited access (6/9/12 mos, depending on your package) or you’ll get a discount on lifetime access. 

This means you don’t need to purchase to get access to the content of this course. However, since this version of the course is to fund the rest of the development, I will only be giving Founder access to those who pay the $250 access fee.

Refunds: I will not be giving refunds for this purchase. You are purchasing access to over 100 videos and an exclusive community. If you are unhappy for any reason, please let me know how I can improve. The whole point of being a Founder is to help make this course awesome!

“Lifetime” Access: In this case, I mean the lifetime of the course, not a human lifetime. I have no plans to take the course down in the foreseeable future, and you are welcome to download videos/materials if you so desire. 

Format: The course will start off in a Facebook group using learning units. The videos are posted there and each unit has a space for questions and answers. At some point in the next 90 days, the course will move to a dedicated system and you’ll have a login/password to access all content. 

Coaching: For those of you who choose the coaching option, I have availability on Monday-Wednesday during standard US business hours (8am-6pm EST). If you have questions about availability please ask, but I will do my best to accommodate special requests. 

More Questions?

Still have questions? Send me an email at and I’ll do my best to answer!

Course Founder

  • Over 12 hours of video content (available immediately)
  • Access to 84 reference videos
  • 20 Course Videos
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Group
  • Lifetime access to course updates & community


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Course + Coaching

  • Everything in the "Course Founder" option
  • 90 Minute One-on-one Video Coaching Call with Corey


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