Episode 26 – The site: Search Operator

The SEO for Photographers Podcast
The SEO for Photographers Podcast
Episode 26 - The site: Search Operator

We share five different ways you can use the site: search operator to help your SEO efforts!

Total Number of Indexed Pages

This number isn’t perfect and can vary from the more accurate coverage report in search console, but is completely actionable

Find Indexed Low-Quality Pages

Find low quality pages like tag/category archives, date archives, author archives, image attachments, theme templates, duplicate pages, pages that should be hidden, pdfs, etc

Find Competing Content

Add a query to the site search to see all content that covers the related topic. See if you have content that could be competing for the same terms.

Find Title / Meta Description issues

Use this search to quickly scan your page titles and meta descriptions to see if you have missing, improperly optimized titles/descriptions, or titles that contain the same target term (typically an SEO plugin or platform title setting)

Use it on your competitors

Find content ideas, learn from their mistakes, and see what topics they’re covering and how.

Bonus: Technical Issues

Old subdomains, SSL / prefix issues

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