Episode 5 – When to Hire a Copywriter

The SEO for Photographers Podcast
Episode 5 - When to Hire a Copywriter

This episode details the best situations for hiring out your blog content or other copywriting. It also covers our suggestions on when to not hire out this writing. We show examples of content that was written by different levels of copywriter, from $5-20 articles to $500+ content pieces. It should help you make the decision on how to best grow your organic traffic through great content. Tools Mentioned:


https://www.spinmenot.io/ https://www.copyscape.com/




SEO Course: https://www.fuelyourphotos.com/seo-course/


  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I wish more of your information applied to me. I am a generalist with a major part of my work in architectural photography. I find it hard to write about my work when my website is largely a gallery of completed work.

    You didn’t mention Fiverr as a source of writers. Have any experience with it?

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