Episode 7 – Photographer Website Platforms Reviewed

The SEO for Photographers Podcast
The SEO for Photographers Podcast
Episode 7 - Photographer Website Platforms Reviewed

We talk about the major website platforms used by photographers. Our theory is that the most beneficial information isn’t what is possible on each platform, but what isn’t.

If you know the cons for each platform, you’ll know if you can live without those features.. or what workarounds you’ll need to find. We review:

  • Squarespace
  • Wordpress
  • Wix
  • Photobiz
  • Good Gallery
  • Pixieset

If we missed a platform, let us know in the comments!


    1. We haven’t recorded a Showit specific podcast, but plan to at some point. We want to make sure it’s well researched, as our opinion of the platform isn’t very positive from an SEO perspective. I want to make sure we can show proof for any claims we end up making.

  1. Hi Dylan and Corey. Listening to your thoughts always makes me happy I went with a WordPress-based platform – phew. I have limited knowledge in the grand scheme of things but am really happy using Flothemes Pronto. Would be interested to know your thoughts on it at some stage. Thank you.

  2. Interesting and helpful insights, especially because I’m considering revamping my website. I would love to hear your current thoughts on Pixieset as they seemed to have added new features- there’s the website with blog, and studio manager which is also a great feature. More specifically could you comment on their SEO features.

    1. I don’t think there have been any significant SEO feature updates for Pixieset since this podcast was recorded. I still see it as roughly equivalent to Squarespace.. with it’s own unique limitations. I wouldn’t currently build a long-term website on that platform if SEO was a priority. That could change in the future, as they have a decent roadmap ahead.

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