The SEO for Photographers Podcast

A weekly podcast concentrating on SEO for photographers by Corey Potter and Dylan Howell from Fuel Your Photos.

We discuss SEO tactics, organic marketing, and more. Join our group on Facebook to ask questions or be a guest on the show.

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The SEO for Photographers Podcast
The SEO for Photographers Podcast
Episode 41 – How To Tell If A Platform Is Good For SEO

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Episode 39 – Why Do People Visit Photography Websites?

In today’s episode, we discuss common reasons that people end up on a photographers website. This is part one of a two part series on optimizng your website for its users.  In the next episode, we’ll use the answers from this exercise to create better content, a better user experience, and hopefully better conversions for…

Episode 38 – The End of Flothemes (Emergency Recording)

Flothemes announced this week that they would be shutting down their WordPress theme operation in one year. The flex builder / flex block will not work after September 24, 2024. We talk about alternative solutions and where to go from here! We also talk to Melissa Love from Style Cloud. We take a look at…

Episode 37 – Our WordPress Stack

We share our current WordPress stack. The domain registrars, hosting, themes, page builders, and plugins that we use and recommend for photography sites. Full blog post here:  ​ ​

Episode 36 – How has AI changed Search?

We discuss ChatGPT (3.5 & 4.0), Google Bard / Google SGE, Github Co-Pilot, the new Bing, and their effect on search and SEO. We then speculate on what could change in the future!
steph zakas

Episode 35 – Interview with Steph Zakas

Steph ranks #1 for “Iceland Elopement Photographer”, but her marketing and digital marketing is so much more than that! She’s a Master Coach, Sales Expert, Photographer, and Podcast Host. Check out her free guide “25 Ways to Market Your Business As An Introvert, without relying on social media” and more info about her Iceland Retreat…

Episode 34 – Automated SEO Tools (Should You Use Them?)

Automated testing tools can be helpful in certain circumstances, but there are also downsides. The recommendations can be inaccurate, outdated, or simply incorrect. Further, they can miss actual issues impacting your rankings! We chat about them today on the podcast.
fuel your photos membership

Episode 31 – The Membership.

We’ve released our membership. The SEO course + online community. A new model for our education that will push engagement and long term results.  More info:

Episode 30 – ChatGPT, AI Writing, and AI Assistants – The Future?

We spend over an hour on the hottest topic of the week, ChatGPT. We talk about how you should be using this tool, how not to use it, and how it changes the game. Blog post: Mentioned:,, and More Reading:

Episode 29 – Blogging, With a Twist!

We recap the history of blogging for photographers, talk about what we’ve recommended over the past few years, and what we might be changing going forward! 
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Episode 28 – Our New Favorite SEO Plugin

In this episode we talk about the new SEO plugin that we’ve both switched to for our own sites, SEOPress. We also dive into how it compares to the other popular SEO plugins, Yoast and Rank Math.
google search console performance report graph showing last 3 months of organic clicks and impressions

Episode 24 – When Is your SEO “good”?

We talk about typical industry benchmarks, traffic levels, metrics, and other ways to know when you’ve reached a good point with your SEO efforts and can scale back your work load.
nofollow link attribute html example

Episode 22 – Nofollow Backlinks

Should you be mad if a directory or blog uses a nofollow attribute on the backlink to your site? We dive deep into the real world impact of those attributes and when/where they should be used.