22 SEO Actions
You Can Take

Why we made this e-book…

We’ve spent the past five years teaching SEO to photographers, consulting photographers on their SEO efforts, and doing actual SEO work on hundreds of photography sites. The entire time, our goal has been to concentrate our efforts on the small percentage of techniques that get the majority of positive results.

Earlier this year, we released our full SEO course. It goes in-depth into the theory of SEO, giving the students a deep understanding of the background information behind search engine optimization. We saw incredible results across the board, but quickly noticed that the majority of these gains came from a handful of the techniques we taught.

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We realized that we could make a much more attainable and actionable guide to getting quick wins. This ebook was born. The 22 most important techniques that we’ve seen produce repeatable results for photographers.

The ebook is over 6400 words, but don’t let that scare you away. It’s full of straight forward recommendations that you can get started implementing today!




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We are Corey Potter and Dylan Howell. Two self-admitted nerds about driving organic traffic from search engines. We’ve both used SEO as the backbone of the marketing strategies for our wedding photography businesses for the past decade. 

We have both been teaching SEO to photographers for the past 5+ years. We also offer consulting to photographers and small businesses looking to improve their organic visibility. 


Alex Buckland – Really great ebook, I think this is really good for someone just starting. Must be doing something right so far as I have moved from page 7 to page 2 for my county.

Allen Small – Started reading through this last night. This is gold.

Naim Alwan – You just keep finding more ways to stay at the top of my Hero List!!!!

Gyula Zacsfalvi – This is fantastic!


We’re convinced you’ll love this ebook. It is the most distilled source of SEO strategy for photographers that we know of.

It is packed with 22 actionable steps you can take today with no previous SEO knowledge. These are the same strategies that we’ve seen move the needle on countless photography sites.

If you’re not 100% happy with the knowledge gained, we’ll gladly refund your purchase within the first 30 days.