Find Out If Your Photography Website Is Reaching It's Full Potential...

Our in-depth SEO site audit will give you the insight you need to make sure search engines (and visitors) love your website.

Why do you need an audit?

One of the hardest parts about optimizing your website is knowing where to start in the first place. How do you know what to fix if you aren’t even sure what is broken?

Even if you want to hire someone to help with your SEO, you need to know specifically what is wrong with your site and what steps need to be taken to fix it. Otherwise you’ll pay way too much for a “package” or “monthly fee” that includes random things you don’t even need (and may not cover the important things you DO need). Google even recommends hiring an SEO to complete an audit before committing to a full SEO plan. 

Basically, a good audit puts the power in YOUR hands.  

Often, you’ll find that you can fix the most important things on your own in a matter of minutes. Other times you’ll find that you need to hire a specialist (like a designer, a developer, or a copywriter) instead of a general SEO.

With our audit, you’ll learn what is wrong with your website, why those things are important to search engines, and you’ll have a “roadmap” for a perfectly optimized website.

What makes our audit different?

Education = Empowerment

We’ve redesigned our business to put the power in YOUR hands. We don’t want to confuse or overwhelm you to try to make you buy services you don’t need. Our dashboard makes it easy for you to learn about SEO by breaking topics into easy to complete steps and giving you a video explanation for what each step means.

100% Human

This is not one of those “free audits” you see around the web. We aren’t going to run a script and pull back a bunch of random errors that are likely meaningless when it comes to ranking. Each item gets checked by one of our SEO experts and you get personal notes and screenshots directly from the auditor. This means you get meaningful insight on factors that can really influence your ranking. 

Here's what happens when you purchase:

  1. You fill out our questionnaire so we can make sure your audit takes your business goals into consideration. 
  2. Set up a 15 minute call to verify your Google Analytics and Search Console are set up and tracking properly (or have us do it for you).
  3. We audit your site and create a custom dashboard with our audit notes + videos to teach you about each task (we manually check over 80 items).
  4. You take the plan and implement changes on your own, or hire us (or someone else) to help you!

Still not sure if an audit is what you need?

Start by getting a FREE review from one of our SEO experts! We’ll give you some ideas for quick SEO wins and let you know which service is right for you and your site. 

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