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SEO Packages for Photographers

We’re currently only offering SEO services to members of our SEO Course Community.

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We strongly believe in empowering photographers to take control of their own marketing. Our SEO course is full of actionable lessons for people of all skill levels. If you’d like a preview of the material, check out our free 7 day SEO challenge

Forever access to all lessons, videos, templates, and the community.


No renewal charges. No recurring memberships. No fees in the fine print.

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"I've already started booking weddings for next year thanks to my venue pages. It's been awesome to see real results from these strategies. It works people!"
“I got my first 2 inquiries from google ever this week! I’m so stoked about it. I credit the course 100%.”

Frequently asked questions...

How long do I have access to the courses and community?

Forever. When you sign up, you get access to all the current material AND anything we add in the future. No extra fees, no expiration date, no recurring memberships.


I know nothing about SEO or blogging. Is this right for me?

Yes! You’ll want to watch some of the videos twice, but you’ll be shocked at how much “clicks” as you go through it all. We’ve taught hundreds of students who never thought they’d “get SEO.”


What if I get stuck? Will you (Corey and Dylan) be around to help?

Absolutely. You can post questions in the course, share them in the Facebook community, or hop on the monthly live calls. We’re on standby to help you out and provide quick, detailed answers.


I know a decent amount about SEO and already get leads through Google. Will I learn anything new in these courses?

Yes. We go way beyond tips and tactics. Even if you’ve worked with SEO for years and already rank well for certain keywords, the course will teach you how to rank for new services or geographical areas you expand to.


How much time will the course take?

To see results, you’ll need to spend time going through and applying each lesson. We recommend 5 hours a week or more.


But keep in mind you don’t have to go through it all in one sitting…or even one week. The courses are self-paced so you can work on them late at night, before the kids get up, on your lunch break, or wherever you can fit them in.


What are the odds of ranking on page 1 of Google?

We don’t guarantee you’ll end up on page 1 of Google, but we can say many of our students do.


What if I’m not on WordPress?

The fundamentals we teach apply to every platform. But we do have specific lessons for Squarespace, Showit, and WordPress. We talk about the basic settings that differ between these three and are well-equipped to answer any questions about them.


What stops someone in my area from getting the same or better results with this?

There’s a crazy amount of opportunity in every market. Our courses teach you how to choose and win the opportunities that are right for you. Plus, the sooner you start applying the lessons, the more likely you are to earn the first-mover advantage. People who rank earlier often have a strong hold on their position.


Should I just hire someone to do SEO? Why learn it myself?

Learning SEO is an investment in your business. Think of it as giving your future self a major leg up. Plus, even if if you decide you want to hire someone after learning it all yourself, you’ll have two advantages after taking the course:


(1) You’ll be able to hire an expert because you can spot a fake a mile away.


(2) You’ll be able to make specific requests instead of buying vague, expensive “SEO packages.” This will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.


What if I’m unhappy with my purchase?

If you sign up and realize the courses aren’t for you, email within 14 days of your purchase for a complete refund.


What if I still have questions?

Email us at! We’d love to talk with you about whether this is a good fit for your business. 

Our Philosophy

Hiring an SEO company requires trust. We believe in giving before receiving, so that we can build lasting relationships with photographers. Fuel Your Photos is all about education, SEO training and empowering photographers to make smart marketing decisions. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our free SEO guide for photographers, and join the Fuel Your Photos Facebook group!

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