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It’s time to build a website you love, and finally take control of your SEO!

Search Engine Optimization is an important part of any photographer’s marketing toolkit. Here’s what we know…

People who would love to hire you are already using Google daily.

We’ll help you get inside the mind of searchers.

You can improve your chances of showing up in their searches.

You just need to know which levers to pull.

Our course gives you a plan, and the accountability you need to implement.

Simple lessons, and weekly group coaching!

Fuel Your Photos

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We’ve worked hard to find the perfect path to SEO success for photographers.

That’s why we offer much more than just an SEO course. Our course covers everything you need to know to build a website that ranks. Our coaching makes sure you don’t get stuck. The community gives you the support and motivation you need to maintain your rankings over time!

“Between the course itself and the quality of support we receive from Corey and Dylan, it’s MORE than worth the money.”

How We Help


Start Simple

We give you a foundation

Even if you are brand new to SEO, we give you the core concepts that will help you understand how search engines work.

We’ll also help you check your site and make sure simple settings aren’t holding you back.

Intro to SEO

Step-by-step Platform Settings


Focus on what works

Don’t waste your time

So many people spend hours fixing “errors” from a random “SEO Report,” chasing perfect performance scores, or adding alt text to hundreds of images that will never even be indexed.

SEO doesn’t have to be a headache. Our lessons focus on high value actions that help you serve searchers!

Perfect Home Page Guide

Easy Link Building Strategies


Give examples and templates

Produce content like the pros

Our content course walks you through the *exact* process that Corey and Dylan use to produce content that ranks.

We give you templates, tools, and examples that show you exactly how your content should look. Once you write your content we check it for you and give you tips on how to improve it even further!

Dedicated Content Course


Answer questions live

Weekly office Hours

We are dedicated to student success! If you purchase the course + coaching, you’ll get access to weekly office hours calls.

These group coaching calls help make sure you don’t get stuck. If you’re not sure where to start, need help with something in the course, or just want to talk about your ideas, we’re there for you!

Weekly Group Coaching Video Calls

Course Community Forum + Chat

We teach you to think like an SEO



Amanda Barrett


Amanda joined the course and got to work! She used our free WordPress template to rebuild her site following the course recommendations.

Her site now consistently ranks near the top of the Google results for her primary keyword “Nashville Newborn Photographer” and her traffic has increased significantly to other content written after joining the course!

  • Moved from page 2 to top of Page 1 for primary keyword
  • More inquiries from website
  • Loves using and sharing her website!

“The SEO course has helped me improve my rankings and get more visitors. The template has helped me optimize my site and in a way that looks pretty! The weekly office hours are SO helpful, encouraging and honestly fun!”

What students are saying

Here’s what some of our students have to say…


Family Photographer

This course is definitely worth the money! I’d be totally honest here, I have yet to finish everything taught in the course but most of my bookings are coming from Google already. Last fall, I got my fall minis fully booked because of people who found me on Google. Last year, I also got at least 300 inquiries in a span of 3 months, 80% of which from Google, that I had to say no to because I was fully booked. Just this year, over 50% of my booked clients found me through Google. I attribute everything to this course. If you only have 1 course that you can buy, it should definitely be this one. Not to mention the support while taking the course is amazing!


Wedding Photographer

The course has been SO helpful! The step by step process makes it so easy to understand. Also, I highly recommend getting the additional coaching calls! I had my first one and it was MORE than worth the cost already


Boudoir Photographer

Easily one of the best business purchases for us. My wife and I took a while to finally pull the trigger on the course too. We weren’t sure if it would just end up being another one of those watered down courses that another “SEO expert” put together to make a few quick bucks.

They do a great job of teaching in a way that makes it easy to build on each of the previous concepts they’ve taught. We almost hired someone to do our SEO and I’m so glad we didn’t because now we are in a place that if we did decide to hire someone just to free up some of our time, we’d be able to explain the things we’d need done, or even better, be able to tell if the person offering seo service was legit or not.

I wouldn’t hesitate to get it fam. I wish we would have started it way sooner. We live and we learn. hahaha


Wedding + Portrait Photographer

Your course last year pulled in over $***k worth of business for me. So in short, what you’ve done and shared with me is huge and I cannot thank you enough.


Elopement Photographer

This course has hands down been the best investment I’ve made in my business and I honestly can’t recommend it enough. You definitely have to commit and be willing to put in the work but that work continues to reap returns for your business for literally years afterwards. You also get access to the community which has been so incredibly helpful when questions come up.


Newborn + Family Photographer

After a year or two of trying to piecemeal my SEO with varying and often conflicting advice from various sources, I bought the course to make it a priority. Within a year I went from not being found on Google to having a blogpost rank on page 2 to my homepage ranking on page 1. Even now after slacking for a year and not continuing to update my website as I should, I’m still on page 1. Because I have good SEO “bones” from the course. The majority of my inquiries are from Google thanks to this course. Dylan and Corey are awesome. They are extremely knowledgeable, active in the community, and present the content in an easy to follow way. (Trust me because I have zero technical skills when it comes to SEO).

The Investment

One time cost – unlimited access! Payment plan available.

Course + Coaching


The resources and accountability you need to finally take control of your SEO!

Course Library

The SEO & Content Courses.

Unlimited Group Coaching

You’ll have access as long as we offer group coaching!

Course Community

A private community for course students.

Buy for $899 3 Payments of $333

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is self-paced. Think of it as a resource library with assignments for various parts of your SEO journey.

Ideally, you should plan to spend the first 3 months working a few hours a week on the course (and attending group coaching calls). Then expect to work on a few assignments throughout the first year.

You could likely get through all lessons in a few weeks if you spend a couple hours a day.

You will have permanent access to the course materials.

If we decide to stop hosting them at any point in the future, we’ll make a downloadable version available by request.

You’ll have access to the course community and group coaching for as long as we host them.

There is no exact answer, but you should think of SEO as a long term strategy. Some students see changes in ranking almost immediately, but it is VERY common for the really impressive results to take 9-12 months.

Most content written using our content course takes a few months to gain traction and often improves consistently for the first year after being published.

This is not the kind of course you should take if you need immediate results to stay in business. However, the long term benefits can be a game changer for many photographers!

We have lessons about platform specific SEO settings for WordPress, Squarespace, and Showit. We’ve had many successful students on these platforms.

We also have students on Photobiz, Wix, Webflow, and many other platforms. A large percentage of our course will work for any platform, or isn’t related to platform (like our Google Business Profile lesson, or backlink lessons). Some lessons may have steps that don’t apply to every platform, or are impossible on certain platforms. When possible, we give screenshots for WordPress, Squrespace and Showit when we think it will be helpful.

We are always happy to answer questions about platform specifics in the community or on office hours calls.

Our focus is on websites that are written to an English speaking audience. If your website is in another language, or written in multiple languages, we may not be able to offer full support.

It is also important to note that Dylan and Corey are located in the United States, and our typical support and coaching hours are during business hours in US time zones. We try to choose hours for calls that accommodate the West Coast, East Coast, and the U.K. (evening).

Our course is for wedding and portrait photographers who work directly with clients.

If you are a commercial or landscape photographer who works primarily with agencies, the strategies may not be as straightforward.

If you are a local service based business who works directly with clients, most of our course will still be helpful to you.

The examples in the course are photographer specific, but can easily be applied to most wedding vendors and creative entrepreneurs that serve local clients.

The content course is helpful for anyone who wants to write content that consistently ranks well on Google.

We offer group coaching and 1-on-1 consulting.

Our course + coaching offering includes group coaching. You’ll get access as long as we offer the group coaching. If this page is still live, we’ll guarantee group coaching for at least 90 days after your purchase. We typically have 1-2 calls available every week!

1-on-1 consulting can be purchased hourly, and we offer a discounted rate to students. Typical rates for students are $150-200/hr.

We listen carefully to student feedback and questions. Any time we feel lessons are outdated or unclear, we work to create updated resources.

In 2023, we completely rewrote the content course, added several new lessons about important topics, added new website templates, and revamped the course dashboard. We also started a new monthly content accountability thread and worked to improve the course community.

We have exciting new plans for 2024, there has never been a better time to join!

We make every attempt to show free methods to complete any lesson in the course. In some cases, premium tools may make your life much easier, but they should not be required.

You can also ask us to help you with research using Ahrefs or Semrush on the weekly office hours calls. We are happy to send you exports of the reports so that you don’t need the expensive subscriptions for simple research tasks.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. Just email support@fuelyourphotos.com or use the form on the course dashboard to send us a request.

More Questions?

If you have a unique situation or want to get more information before jumping in, we’re happy to listen! You can always email us: support@fuelyourphotos.com.

Keep in mind that we have a 30 day refund policy and there are never hard feelings if you decide the course isn’t for you.

If you want to speak with us first or get a tour of the course, you can book a 15 minute call with Corey here!