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We’re excited to finally release our podcast. These episodes allow us to go deeper on topics than we typically have time for on social media. You can subscribe on any of the major podcast platforms, leave reviews, and comment on the individual episode posts below. 

We go deep into SEO related topics and specifically how they are best handled for photography sites. We’re also interested in other marketing channels: Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram/Facebook, CPC, and more. Our goal is to provide accurate information based on our extensive experience with marketing in the photography field. 

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Previous Episodes

Episode 11 – We Interview Nina Larsen Reed about Cornerstone Content

Our first interview episode of the podcast is live now, and it may be the best episode yet! In this episode, we talk to Nina Larsen Reed about her success with SEO, and specifically dig into her thinking about cornerstone content. We talk about her venue guides, and not only the significant traffic that they

Episode 7 – Photographer Website Platforms Reviewed (Cons only!)

We talk about the major website platforms used by photographers. Our theory is that the most beneficial information isn’t what is possible on each platform, but what isn’t. If you know the cons for each platform, you’ll know if you can live without those features.. or what workarounds you’ll need to find. We review: Squarespace

Episode 6 – What We Do for SEO Daily / Weekly / Monthly

What do we do on a regular schedule? We talk about the different tasks that we try to do on a somewhat regular schedule with our SEO projects. Everything from checking rankings in the morning over coffee to performing a bi-annual content audit on existing blog posts. Let us know in the comments if there

Episode 5 – When to Hire a Copywriter

This episode details the best situations for hiring out your blog content or other copywriting.

It also covers our suggestions on when to not hire out this writing.

Episode 3 – We Show How We Built Backlinks to Our Sites

Backlinks are the force multiplier in SEO. We show 30 different links to our photography sites and talk about what steps we took to attain them. Stay until the end for a “bonus” backlink technique that we haven’t really talked about publicly.