Never Run Out of Photography Blog Post Topics (211 Creative Ideas)

If you’re learning SEO, you’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king/queen”. Yes, it is a fairly true statement, but how does it help you create content ideas for your photography blog?

We made this quick list of our favorite blog post prompts. We’ve used many of these on our sites, our client sites, and our course members sites to quickly grow organic traffic.

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There are over 200 ideas here, broken up by photography specialty. If you use one, feel free to post in the Fuel Your Photos Facebook Group!

Wedding Photography Blog Post Ideas

  1. Top 20 Wedding Venues in [YOUR CITY] ( example: Dylan M Howell )
  2. Top 5 Wedding DJs in [YOUR CITY]
  3. Top 5 Wedding Florist in [YOUR CITY]
  4. Top 5 Wedding Cake Bakers in [YOUR CITY]
  5. Top 5 Wedding Officiants in [YOUR CITY]
  6. Top 5 Wedding Nutritionist in [YOUR CITY]
  7. Top 5 Wedding Invitation Pros in [YOUR CITY]
  8. Top 5 Wedding Rental Suppliers in [YOUR CITY]
  9. Top 5 Wedding Photo Booths in [YOUR CITY]
  10. Top 5 Wedding Tuxedo Rental Shops in [YOUR CITY]
  11. 11. Top 5 Wedding Dress Shops in [YOUR CITY]
  12. 12. Top 5 Wedding Reception Venues in [YOUR CITY]
  13. 13. Top 5 Wedding Bartenders in [YOUR CITY]
  14. 14. Top 5 Wedding Planners in [YOUR CITY]
  15. 15. Top 5 Wedding Designers in [YOUR CITY]
  16. 16. Top 5 Wedding Counselors in [YOUR CITY]

    ^ *Pro Tip* ^Break these down into categories for even more posts.

  17. Elopement Guide for your City/State/Area (example: Larsen Photo)
  18. The Best {party, sophisticated, all inclusive} DJ
  19. The Best {traditional, modern, boutique, consignment} Dress Shops
  20. Favorite wedding venues. Break into multiple posts for categories (indoor, outdoor, with
    water, etc).
  21. Why you need a wedding planner. Interview a wedding planner. Show pictures of
    wedding planners in action.
  22. Best places in [your city] to buy a wedding dress (and why you should never buy online).
  23. Creative centerpieces for a wedding reception. Show photos you’ve taken or do a styled shoot. This could even be a series.
  24. How to pick a wedding venue. A checklist of things to consider.
  25. List of Questions to ask {insert vendor here} (eg. most important questions to ask your
    florist before making a deposit)
  26. Best places to take engagement photos in [your city]
  27. Break engagement session locations down into a series, showcasing areas, districts,
    places where you might dress formally, places with water, etc.
  28. Best dog friendly engagement session location.
  29. 20 of my all time favorite engagement session photos with dogs.
  30. Best engagement photo day­trip locations
  31. How to use your engagement photos to add some personality to your wedding.
  32. 5 alternatives to a guest book that your guests will love!
  33. Why you should hire a photobooth service in addition to your photographer.
  34. Alternatives to the traditional photobooth (polaroids, cell phone shots in front of a background with hashtag)
  35. Why you should hire a videographer, and the difference between video and photos.
  36. How photographers and videographers work together on the wedding day.
  37. Best dressed bridal parties. Tips on matching without being matchy.
  38. Showcase your most creative bridal party photos.
  39. The perfect number of bridesmaids/groomsmen for a wedding/things to consider.
  40. Top romantic proposal ideas in [your city]
  41. A blog series on “how he/she asked”
  42. Best places to buy engagement rings in [your city]
  43. How to hire a photographer for a proposal without your fiancé knowing what is going on.
  44. Current trends in engagement rings, show photos from your recent weddings, interview a jeweler.
  45. Apps that you can’t live without when planning your wedding (could be a series)
  46. The best wedding inspiration websites you’ve never heard of. (Good opportunity to get backlinks, find the smaller sites who appreciate the attention).
  47. The most important information to include on your wedding website.
  48. How to share your wedding photos with all of your guests.
  49. Top ways to encourage guests to put down their phones on your wedding day.
  50. Why you should/shouldn’t have an unplugged wedding ceremony.
  51. 7 meaningful details to carry with you on your wedding day.
  52. 5 things that brides can carry instead of a bouquet.
  53. The worst wedding traditions that you should make sure to avoid.
  54. Marriage Monday. Tips about marriage. Show them you care about their relationship.
  55. Behind the scenes the day before (or after) a wedding. Show your process and why you can be trusted.
  56. Best locations for bridal portraits in [your city]
  57. Styles of bridal portraits (traditional, modern, fashion, fun, etc)
  58. Explain the tradition of bridal portraits, why they are important, and what to do with the photo after the wedding
  59. Creative ways to display a bridal portrait at a wedding reception.
  60. Why you should display a large photo from your engagement session instead of your bridal session (or both).
  61. Why your guys should buy suits instead of rent.
  62. Ideas for how to incorporate kids into your wedding (your own kids or flower girls, ring bearers, etc).
  63. How to handle traditions that involve parents when your parents have passed away.
  64. The ultimate wedding planning checklist, or how to make your wedding more photogenic.
  65. Tips for taking engagement photos in the summer without getting sweaty.
  66. What makes an awesome wedding BAND? Or, Should you hire a Band or a DJ?
  67. How to perfectly light a wedding and when you should hire a lighting company.
  68. Do a series on interesting things you have seen at weddings.
  69. Talk about the wedding day timeline. Compare traditional vs first look timeline.
  70. How to keep your guests busy while you take photos after the ceremony.
  71. Tips for making the formal family photos fast and easy for everyone.
  72. Why you should/shouldn’t have a first look.
  73. After you’ve done a large number of weddings, do roundup posts of specific moments.
  74. Best reactions from the groom as the bride walks down the aisle.
  75. Sweetest moments during the father daughter dance.
  76. Why your grandparents are the most important guests at your wedding and how to include them in photos.
  77. Planning a Virtual Wedding (example on Sam Hurd’s site)

Maternity Photography Blog Post Ideas

  1. 7 Different ways to wear a simple piece of fabric.
  2. Ways to include your partner or family in a maternity session.
  3. The perfect time to do a maternity session (30 weeks)
  4. Why you’ll regret it if you skip a maternity session.
  5. Showcase your maternity gowns if you provide them for clients.
  6. Tell a story about something funny that has happened at a maternity session
  7. Do an awkward maternity pose at each session and then do a roundup post with the WORST maternity poses.
  8. The benefits of doing your maternity session in the studio (or outdoors).
  9. The best ways to take care of your stretching skin.
  10. The best places to get a prenatal massage after your maternity session.
  11. Ideas for incorporating an item you can later give your baby as a gift.
  12. Where to do a milk bath maternity session and how to set it up.

Baby & Newborn Photography Blog Post Ideas

  1. Top ways to make a baby sleep like a… baby (sound machine, heat, other tools & tricks)
  2. A list of your favorite Etsy sellers for newborn accessories (or make this a series and feature one seller at a time)
  3. How to choose an heirloom prop for your newborn session.
  4. The perfect age for newborn photos.
  5. Creative places to do newborn photos outside of the studio.
  6. Behind the scenes of the most popular newborn shots that require photoshop.
  7. Show your shooting space and how you made sure to think about all the details that make babies/mothers/parents more comfortable.
  8. Featured newborn props ­ showcase your collection and variety.
  9. Make a whole post showing photos of different babies using the same prop.
  10. Feature local bakers who create 1st birthday cakes and smash cakes.
  11. Alternatives to the smash cake for the first birthday pictures, eg. tearing up wrapping paper.
  12. Feature birth stories, even if you aren’t a birth photographer.
  13. Special considerations for newborn sessions with twins.
  14. Talk about the different types of sessions you offer. Newborn, fresh 48, lifestyle, etc.
  15. Write a post with 10 different babies that you photographed throughout their first year.
  16. Talk about your first year milestone plans and why they are important.
  17. Why you should skip the hospital photographer and what to do instead.
  18. Tips and poses for including siblings in newborn portraits.
  19. Write about newborn safety and what precautions you take at your sessions.
  20. Talk about unique props or themes for newborn boys/girls
  21. Show off a list of your studio backdrops
  22. Compare a lifestyle newborn session with a studio session and give pros and cons for both
  23. How to get started as a newborn photographer (written to other photographers)
  24. How to take the best photos of your baby in between sessions with your professional photographer.
  25. Make a list of your favorite lenses to use during your newborn sessions
  26. How to do a newborn session with your family pet
  27. Host a local workshop and cover the main talking points in a post afterwards.
  28. Come up with a list of things to keep in mind for outdoor newborn sessions

Child Photography Blog Post Ideas

  1. The essential list of things to bring to a children’s session
  2. Bloopers, kids say/do the darndest things
  3. The most important milestones for classic portraits.
  4. Should my young girl wear makeup for her portraits?
  5. Why you should never ask your child to smile at your photo session.
  6. #existinphotos ­ Examples of children with their parents. This could easily be a series because each photo could have a story.
  7. How to choose a few items to bring to your session to remember this time in your child’s life. Remembering the things your child will never want to forget.
  8. Favorite boutiques to buy custom clothing for sessions.
  9. Key moments in childhood when you might want to consider hiring a photographer (eg. christening, birthday parties, recitals, preschool graduation, etc.)
  10. How you can use photography to help boost your child’s confidence.
  11. How to get your child excited about their photo session instead of dreading it.
  12. Make a series of posts about each year. For example, what is happening when a child is {3,4,5,6,7,etc} with example photos and tips on capturing that year.
  13. Why you should have professional photos of your child at least once per year.
  14. The best bribes to get your kids to cooperate at a photo session (funny post)

Family Photography Blog Post Ideas

  1. Why your whole family should never wear white shirts, and what to wear instead.
  2. How I get 50 different poses in a 30 minute session.
  3. Offer to document family events in your city and write blog posts with the photos.
  4. Top things to do as a family in {my city}
  5. {Cute, Funny, Classic} family picture ideas for your family portrait session
  6. Best places for an outdoor family session in {my city}
  7. Why you should set up a lifestyle family photography session at home
  8. Target photographers with a list of your favorite family photography equipment
  9. Mother/Daughter Father/Son Photography ideas and examples
  10. Create a post with a family photography list for poses/photo ideas
  11. How to coordinate (clothes, schedules) family portraits for large families
  12. Best colors to wear for {Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter} family portraits
  13. Ideas for family portraits on a hot summer day (pool, water park, water balloons, indoor)
  14. How to do family photographs on the beach (posts for outfits, preparation, etc.)

Boudoir Photography Blog Post Ideas

  1. How to display products from your boudoir session in your home without making your guests feel uncomfortable
  2. The best locations for a boudoir session.
  3. Before and after shots showcasing makeup and posing.
  4. 20 photos that prove boudoir can be classy.
  5. The best stores/websites to purchase lingerie for your session.
  6. How to prepare for your boudoir photography session
  7. The top reasons every woman deserves a boudoir session.
  8. Behind the scenes of a boudoir shoot (photos, video, posing)
  9. How to give your boudoir portraits to your significant other as a gift
  10. Make a list of your favorite boudoir photography poses
  11. Show that you don’t have to be naked to do a boudoir session
  12. Why a couple’s boudoir session is a perfect date night
  13. Things you should consider about photo privacy and safety online.
  14. Where when and why to have boudoir parties
  15. How to explain to your mother that you’re not a pornstar (funny post)
  16. The best products to order from a boudoir session.
  17. Top locations for outdoor boudoir sessions, and laws to consider
  18. The difference between boudoir, pinup and fine art nude photography

Headshot Photography Blog Post Ideas

  1. The top places to use your headshot online.
  2. Tips for making your headshot stand out for {recruiters, dating, talent agencies}
  3. Why you should keep your LinkedIn headshot updated even when you’re not job hunting.
  4. What is the difference between a headshot and a business portrait?
  5. Why you actually need a personal branding session instead of a headshot.
  6. How to do a company photo when you can’t get schedules aligned (composite)
  7. Behind the scenes of doing headshots at a conference.
  8. How to dress for different types of headshot sessions.
  9. Tell a story about how a great headshot helped someone find {love, a job}
  10. Creative uses for your headshots that you probably didn’t think about.
  11. How to sign up for Gravatar and update your photo on multiple platforms at once.
  12. Creative video headshots to get attention on Facebook.

High School Senior Photography Blog Post Ideas

  1. The difference between a senior portrait session and class pictures.
  2. When should you do your senior photo session?
  3. Should you bring props to your senior session?
  4. How to make sure you won’t be embarrassed by your senior pictures in 20 years.
  5. Fashion inspiration, showcase your knowledge of current trends with teens.
  6. How many different outfits should you bring for your senior session?
  7. The perfect locations in {your city} for a senior portrait session.
  8. Can you photoshop my ___ (make it a funny post about things you’ve had to edit).
  9. Why you need senior portraits even if you have 192,000 selfies.
  10. Considerations when doing a senior session with a friend.
  11. The top things you can do with your senior portraits (product ideas).
  12. Etiquette for sending graduation announcements.
  13. 15 examples of poses for guys that are NOT cheesy.
  14. Top ways to celebrate your graduation from high school.

Sports Photography Blog Post Ideas

  1. Post a sports schedule for local high schools or rec leagues in your area.
  2. Give people ideas about how to make sure their photos won’t just end up in a box.
  3. Why you should always add the digital copy to your order.
  4. The best places to print your digital photos on your own.
  5. Creative ways to carry “wallet” sized photos.
  6. If you photograph sports, do a top 10 photos each week/month/season like ESPN.
  7. How to join a school sports team for homeschoolers.
  8. List the famous athletes that came from the town or state where you live.
  9. How to make sure your kid is ready for picture day.
  10. The funniest school pictures that ever ended up in the yearbook.
  11. Write a general post about why sports are important for kids and teens.
  12. Talk about the difference between school sports, rec leagues, and competitive leagues.

General Photography Blog Post Ideas

  1. Before and After ­ Photoshop Friday
  2. BTS Weekly ­ This week in the life of a [wedding, portrait, boudoir] photographer
  3. What to Wear ­ Fashion Friday
  4. Q&A ­ Do a weekly series where you answer questions about the industry
  5. Social Media Post of the Week
  6. How much do {type of photography} sessions cost?
  7. Talk about your gear and why you chose it. This shows your expertise.
  8. Talk about your software and your editing process.
  9. Show the difference in what you see vs. what everyone else sees (take a cell phone shot to show the difference)
  10. Your photography bucket list (what would be your dream session)?
  11. The most important shot you ever missed.
  12. Do a personal photography project and document it on your blog.

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