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There are 3 main pillars of SEO that you need to understand. Authority, Relevance, and Technical. Almost all SEO factors will fall into one of these 3 main categories.

Once you understand these three pillars, and how Google uses them, you’ll be able to make intelligent decisions about how to optimize your site to outrank your competitors.

If you are trying to rank for any terms that include a location, you’ll need a Google Business Profile to show up in map results. If you already have your GBP set up, use this lesson to make sure everything is optimized!

All website platforms have default settings that may need to be adjusted to improve your visibility and ranking. These lessons will make sure you have a solid foundation before you jump into content + backlinks!

Here are the links for each platform:





Your home page is one of the most important pages on your site. This lesson will show you everything you need to perfectly optimize your home page.

Doing a content audit will help you eliminate the content you DON’T want Google to see.

A solid content strategy can significantly increase your traffic and bookings. There are a few steps to planning and implementing an excellent content strategy.

The content section of our course will still be visible from other lessons, but we’ve created a brand new blogging course that you can access from the main dashboard or by clicking the image below.

There are several types of pages on your site that contribute to your overall authority and reputation. While you don’t necessarily want these pages to rank on their own, optimizing them properly will help your site’s overall ranking.

If you want to rank for more than one “[Location] + [Specialty] + Photographer” keywords (eg. Houston Maternity Photographer AND Houston Newborn Photographer), you’ll probably need to create cornerstone content.

Links are one of the most important ways you can prove that your site is authoritative. Start by getting familiar with the main types of backlinks, then use our specific strategies to target specific types of backlinks.

Guest Posting

Be a Guest on a Podcast

Attribution with Pixsy

Easy Followed Backlinks

Blog Commenting

This section of the course will help you set up appropriate analytics tools, and also provides a simple tracking spreadsheet to manually check your progress each month.

Search Console Setup

Search Console Insights

Google Analytics Setup

Setup Rank Tracking

Next Up For You!

  • Introduction
    • How To Use This Course
    • Introduction to SEO
  • Local SEO
    • Google Business Profile Setup & Optimization
  • Platform Settings
    • Platform Specific Settings
    • WordPress
    • Squarespace
    • Showit
    • Pixieset
    • WP Rocket Setup
    • Convert Showit Pages to WordPress Pages
  • Perfect Home Page
    • Optimize Your Home Page
  • Supporting Pages
    • Optimize Your Internal Pages
  • Content Strategy
    • Create Your List of Topics
    • Prepare Your Content
    • Writing & Optimizing Your Content
  • Cornerstone Content
    • Create Your Cornerstone Content
  • Content Audit
    • Clean Up Your Site
  • Link Building
    • Build Your Backlink Hitlist
    • Attribution with Pixsy
    • Guest Posting
    • Easy Followed Backlinks
    • Blog Commenting
    • Be a Guest on a Podcast
  • Tracking Results
    • Track Your Progress
    • Search Console Setup
    • Search Console Insights
    • Google Analytics Setup
    • Setup Rank Tracking
  • Bonuses & Extra Credit
    • Other GSC Reports
    • 12 Questions to Ask in Search Console
    • Tools, Discounts & Helpful Resources
    • SEO Term Glossary
    • SEO Checklist
  • Changelog & Roadmap
    • Course Changelog
    • Course Roadmap

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